Who am I ?

"An eternal optimist and creative person who loves challenges, learning and evolving - I work to bring my contribution to the building for the emergence of a united Africa that can radiate politically, culturally, economically and spiritually"

I intervene for different cultural structures including Afro Culture, a medium highlighting Afro-Caribbean initiatives and aiming to connect the African diasporas with each other, and at the same time the diasporas and their Mother Earth.

After studying administration, commercial communication and marketing techniques in France, I first focused on a commercial career as an apprentice financial adviser to the Post Office before opting for my passion for foreign languages ​​a few years later and settle in London. Beginning a commercial career in Great Britain in "retail banking" including Lloyds Bank and HSBC Ecuador, I then evolved into bilingual and administrative roles for international organizations including the UN branch in London, the IMO. After a second vocational training in foreign language teaching and obtaining a university degree in education sciences and training at the University of London, I began a career as a teacher / trainer and in 2003 , was developing my first structure and school of teaching European and Oriental languages ​​for children and adults.

I am now working as a consultant and project manager to develop language-oriented training programs for reintegration and job mobility and preparation for the foreign language school and university curriculum. That said while working for the British Council in Marseilles from 2012 to 2017, I had, among other things, the opportunity to collaborate with various cultural actors and artists in France and to accompany them to create bridges with Great Britain and the English-speaking world. I was able to reconnect with my passion for arts and culture and train myself on the job in cultural mediation through the organization of artistic EVENTSs, cultural stays, and as a business contributor.

I also work as a cultural mediator for Afro Culture which includes the development of cultural partnerships, proposing and carrying cultural projects as well as communication for the structure including press interviews for Afro Culture.

My projects

Two of my goals in the next 5 at 10 are to prepare a thesis in African history in Britain and to explore the role of the Anglican Church in the slave trade and the applicable psychological and economic remedies; as well as developing educational and fun web-based programs for teaching the history of Africa to children and adolescents on the continent and in the diaspora.

Last word

Believe in yourself !! Live your mission to the full, do not betray it (paraphrasing Frantz Fanon) !!