My name is Chantal ICKONGA AKINDOU, from CONGO Brazzaville.

I have just set up a Maison Helnaux structure since January 2019 in the sale of African products and online service as well as delivery throughout France.

My structure is therefore a site focused on three components:


It is a space that offers the sale of food products coming from CONGO Brazzaville. We work in collaboration with a local boutique (The Terroirs of CONGO).

It is a platform open to all; anyone can sell their products there under certain conditions.

2 / Na Biso Delicacies

You will find all our delicacies there such as our croquettes (Small biscuits) with our different flavors (Coconut - Ginger - Lemon - Passion fruit - Plain….)

Our Gratanas (small elongated cookies)

Our Plain Donuts - with banana - with butter… ..

These delicacies are suitable for any type of EVENTS (Snack - Aperitif - Wedding - Birthday - Mourning….)

3 / Our Catering Service (under construction)

We will soon be offering African ready meals for delivery as well as buffet and meal services for EVENTSs.

The rental of a sound system, a choir to animate your mass, Rental of Tables and Chairs ...


This idea came to me quite simply after a conversation with a friend who has a food store and who did not have a site, so I offered to work together, she running her store and me, me. occupant of the site.

For Gourmandises, I had noticed that there is nowhere to find donuts and small African cookies; the Chinese and the Moroccans have managed to get a place in the supermarkets with their pastry and why not us ????

I started out by conviction and the desire to bring something new in order to discover the culinary riches of Africa.


The Difficulties that I encounter are enormous… making the product known… animation of the site.

The levers to improve our profitability would be increased sales and customer loyalty.

My 2020 objectives would be a monthly figure of 1500 to 2500 Euro if not more (Zando and Gourmandises)

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