23ans, Angolan, Insurance Student and Nocturnal Prosthetist, CEO of DN LUXURY brand.

Can you explain your journey?

It all started with my passion for nail extensions on myself. Thirst for learning and knowledge, I began to practice myself, then my family and my friends. The satisfaction at the end of each pose, pushed me to do a training of nail technician to improve myself.

What is your role in the company?

Through DN LUXURY I want to show that we can sublimate our hands at affordable prices. We are all little princesses and must be able to please us even when we can not afford it. My role is to sublimate the hands of women by the manicure. In the long run, I would like to be able to offer other services in terms of care for women because DN LUXURY is a concept for her and not only for the manicure.

How is your service organized?

I am my own boss and there only employee.

Can you describe a typical day?

I combine my studies and my passion at the same time every day, that is to say that the day of 8h to 17h I study / work and the evening from 17h30 until 20h during the week I receive my clients at my home , and on weekends all day I can receive up to 4 people.

Do you have goals set for this new year?

This year I wish that DN LUXURY reaches more than 500 subscribers, we must hear about this concept.

What would be the leverage for you to improve your profitability?

Offering attractive rates, to make my business profitable, my number of clients would have to double, even if I am satisfied with the one who already trusts me. For that, I invite Instagram influencers (like @Tiphvaine, @melishouxx or @killemiv) to whom I propose my services and which testify of my work through their networks.