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Hair Care Revolution UK

The Hair Care Revolution Experience…
The dynamic hair care revolution experience takes place several times a year. The events offer attendees the opportunity to learn about Afro hair & beauty from the best professionals in the industry via bespoke workshops and seminars in person and now online for a global audience. Their aim is to:
deliver social impact through providing consumer education, showcasing great brands, highlighting talent and championing innovation within the hair & beauty industry.
connect by building network filled with people who care and are doing things that make a difference.
collaborate by inspiring change and bringing likeminded people together to cooperate & collaborate
Ovi King, pictured below, is the leader of the Hair Care Revolution Events and Business Network. He is known to be a change maker who turns passion into solutions. Ovi specialises in providing expert consumer education alongside retail & development opportunities for hair care entrepreneurs that help their businesses to thrive. 
While passionately exploring the intersection of Cosmetics, technology, and marketing I have spotted a way to use technology to solve real problems and offer brand new benefits to people. The service we are developing is absolutely ground breaking!

Our mission is to dominate the hair care industry within 6 years!” says Ovi.
Ovi is also often asked to speak all over the UK about the past, present and future of Afro hair care.
After 18 months, Hair Care Revolution UK is back on the road hosting both online and Live events. In celebration of Kwanzaa, they will be offering a 10% discount on their upcoming events, talking about Winter Styles, using PROMO CODE Revodecm21.

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